Heaven-haven (Jennifer Paulino, soprano)
Words by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

My Pretty Rose Tree (Jennifer Paulino, soprano)
Words by William Blake.

Nurse’s Song (Jennifer Paulino, soprano)
Words by William Blake.

Witchcraft By a Picture (Jens Ibsen, tenor)

Words by John Donne.

Uncreated Light (Jens Ibsen, tenor)

Words by the composer.

Solo Piano

Mirror-Winged Butterfly

The sea took pity

For some time I have been planning a series of piano pieces depicting the Moses story of water from the rock. “The sea took pity” is the epilogue, and references the waters of Meribah, or waters of strife, where the people “strove” with God. Moses has already committed the fatal error of doubt, for which he will later be punished by being barred from the promised land. So even as night falls, and the merciful waters spread over the desert, Moses recalls the immense burden of his divine office, and premonitions of a new, higher isolation take hold.

Chamber Music

Variations & Theme (Meraki Quartet)

A Basil Tale (After Everything New Music Ensemble, conducted by Matthew Cmiel. Lora Libby, soprano)

A cantata for similar instruments as Ravel’s Mallarmé songs, culminating in an aria describing Ophelia’s death. Includes a toy piano. Words by John Keats & William Shakespeare.


What Wondrous Love (Symphony Parnassus, conducted by Stephen Paulson)

The old hymn tune is played by the bassoon, then later with full brass regalia.